If you’re on a budget or just testing the waters, it’s possible to utilize ChatGPT Plus without lightening your wallet.

Money can be tight. Sometimes, you just want to be sure about something before you put your money down. That’s completely okay. If you’ve been eyeing ChatGPT Plus but holding back because of the cost, there’s some good news for you. You don’t have to empty your pockets right away to get in on the action.

You see, ChatGPT Plus understands people like you. They’ve made things so you can start small, without the big commitment. There are offers, trials, and even special deals popping up now and then. It’s like getting a sneak peek before buying a movie ticket. Why pay full price when you can grab a discount, right?

But let’s say you’re not ready to go for the Plus version just yet. That’s fine too. There are other ways to enjoy a similar experience.

Some platforms offer a taste of what ChatGPT Plus can do, without all the bells and whistles. It’s a bit like getting a demo before the real game.

All you have to do is be a little smart and patient. The right deal or option is out there, waiting just for you.

Try GPT-4 Without Paying on ForeFront AI

Want to chat with GPT-4? ForeFront AI lets you do that, and guess what? No money needed! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Getting Started:
    • First, open your browser.
    • Punch in chat.forefront.ai.
    • You’ll land on their homepage.
  2. Signing Up
    • Look for a ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’ button. They’re usually at the top corner.
    • Click it. They’ll ask for some info – email, password, the usual. Fill it in.
  3. Choosing Your Chatbot:
    • After you’re all set with the account, you’ll see some options.
    • Find where it says ‘model’ or something like that.
    • Click on it, and a list drops down.
    • From that list, go for “GPT-4”.
  4. Setting the Mood:
    • There’s another option saying ‘Persona’. It’s about how the bot talks.
    • Click on it, choose “HelpfulAssistant”.
    • It’s like setting a vibe for the bot. Fun, right?
  5. Chat Time:
    • Everything’s set now. It’s you and the ChatGPT 4 bot.
    • Type anything – a question, a hello, whatever you feel like.
    • Wait a bit, and see how it replies. Enjoy the chat!

Try GPT-4 on Ora.sh

Heard of Ora.sh? It’s another cool spot to chat with GPT-4. And yes, it’s free too. But keep in mind, they let you send only 5 messages a day. Why? Well, it’s super famous. Want to give it a whirl? Here’s the play-by-play:

  1. Starting Off:
    • Grab your device, fire up your browser.
    • Type in Ora.sh.
    • You’ll land on their main page. Neat, huh?
  2. Finding the Chat:
    • Scroll a bit, look around. You’ll see a chat box, usually at the bottom.
    • Click on it. It’s where the magic happens.
  3. The Sign-Up Dance:
    • They’ll ask if you have an account. If you don’t, no biggie.
    • Choose ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’.
    • A quick tip? Use Google to sign up. It’s like a shortcut. Less typing, more chatting.
  4. And…Action!:
    • Once you’re in, it’s showtime.
    • You can start chatting with the GPT-4 bot.

3. Bing’s Chat

Yep, Microsoft’s Bing Chat is running on GPT-4 power. They’ve named it “Prometheus”. And guess what? It’s got some cool tricks up its sleeve that ChatGPT 4 doesn’t.

For Microsoft Edge users:

  • Open up bing.com/new.
  • Find and click the “Chat” button.

Not on Edge? No problem:

  • Look for the Bing Chat extension. Install it.
  • Now, you can start the chat fun.

Want the GPT-4 touch in chats?

  • Switch on the “Creative” mode. It’s mainly GPT-4 doing the talking.

4. ChatGPT 4 for Free? Thank You, HuggingFace!

Developer Yuvraj Sharma and HuggingFace teamed up. The result? You get to chat with GPT-4 for free.

  • Go to the special HuggingFace link.
  • Type your question, hit “Run”.
  • Wait a bit, and you’ll get your GPT-4 answer.

Quick heads up: Lots of folks are using it.

So, you might have to wait a tad longer sometimes. If you’re a bit impatient, just add your GPT-4 API key. It speeds things up.

5. Nat.dev: The GPT Showdown Spot

Nat.dev is from Nat Friedman, the ex-CEO of GitHub. It’s a cool place where you can see how different LLM models stack up. It used to be free, but now? It’s $5. But hey, that’s cheaper than the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

  • Head over to the nat.dev site.
  • Sign up. That’s it.

Final Words

ChatGPT Plus and similar platforms have got your back. With offers, free trials, and other ways to save a buck or two, there’s a lot that you can benefit from without stressing your budget. The best experience might just be a click away, and it might cost you less than you think.