Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata started Studio Ghibli together, a film company in Japan known for making movies that grab the hearts of people all over the globe. Their movies are famous for taking you into magical places with lovable people in them and covering big, common ideas like friendship, being brave, and caring for the environment.

The movies from Studio Ghibli are full of stories and characters from old Japanese tales, and they mix these ancient ways of telling stories with what people like today. What makes their movies stand out is how they draw everything by hand with bright and lively colors, making everything you see feel special and exciting.

The characters in Studio Ghibli movies often have expressive features and convey a wide range of emotions through their facial expressions and body language. The backgrounds are meticulously rendered, showcasing stunning landscapes, intricate cityscapes, and whimsical settings. The art style of Studio Ghibli movies combines a blend of realism and fantasy, creating a visually captivating and immersive experience for viewers.

a cute pizza chibi, anime, studio ghibli, studio BONE
Very cute Bob Ross totoro in the forest, character, art, daytime, bright, colorful, steampunk, industrial, studio ghibli, Bob Ross, anime, manga, hand drawn, extremely detailed art, manga style, high resolution, Studio Ghibli , lots of details --ar 3:5 --q 2
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Very cute Bob Ross Axie Infinity in the forest, character, art, daytime, bright, colorful, steampunk, industrial, studio ghibli, Bob Ross, anime, manga, hand drawn, extremely detailed art, manga style, high resolution, Studio Ghibli, lots of details --ar 4:5 --q 2

25 Midjourney Studio Ghibli Prompts

  1. Landscape, Ghibli, by Miyazaki, Nausicaa
  2. Beach sunrise, studio Ghibli, retro, lavender, wide shot, cinematic
  3. Surreal, railroad tracks, early evening, full moon, midnight-blue, blue-black, royal-blue, navy-blue, rendered by Studio Ghibli, by Miyazaki, Breath of the Wild
  4. Open landscape, main character, studio Ghibli, retro
  5. Japanese fishing boat at night, stormy waters, use of lights, Studio Ghibli, Nausicaa, Spirited Away, vibrant, cinematic, surreal, twilight blue, indigo, yellow-orange, orange-red, moody
  6. Japanese fishing boat, studio Ghibli, retro, pastels, wide shot, cinematic
  7. Hogwarts at night, Studio Ghibli, by Miyazaki, lake
  8. Moving Hogwarts Express with steam cloud, Studio Ghibli, by Miyazaki
  9. Vast fields, windmills in the distance, inspired by Ghibli, directed by Miyazaki, The Wind Rises
  10. Hidden forest, ancient trees, a Ghibli film’s enchanted setting, directed by Miyazaki
  11. Cobbled city street, dusk, a retro Ghibli town scene, warm lights, soft focus, by Miyazaki
  12. Mountain village, twilight, inspired by Ghibli, harmonious colors, scenic beauty, directed by Miyazaki
  13. Enchanted garden, secret doorway, Ghibli style fantasy, twilight ambiance, by Miyazaki
  14. Deserted island, pirate ship wreck, Ghibli-inspired adventure, dawn light, by Miyazaki
  15. Futuristic cityscape, neon lights, Ghibli meets cyberpunk, directed by Miyazaki, night scene
  16. Vintage café terrace, rainy day, soft jazz, a Ghibli-style peaceful scene, by Miyazaki
  17. Rustic farmhouse, sunset, a serene Ghibli countryside, directed by Miyazaki
  18. Snowy town, evening glow, Ghibli’s winter charm, directed by Miyazaki, soft snowfall
  19. Rooftop view, starry night, inspired by Studio Ghibli’s magic, Miyazaki’s touch
  20. Bustling market street, festival lights, a Ghibli celebration scene, by Miyazaki
  21. Ancient ruins, jungle overgrowth, mysterious Ghibli exploration, by Miyazaki
  22. Underwater city, bubbles and light, Ghibli’s ocean fantasy, by Miyazaki
  23. Castle in the clouds, sunset backdrop, Ghibli’s flying dream, by Miyazaki
  24. Moonlit shrine, spirited foxes, a touch of Ghibli’s mystique, night’s allure, by Miyazaki
  25. Abandoned amusement park, nature’s reclaim, Ghibli’s post-apocalyptic vision, by Miyazaki