If you’re looking to break free from your regular job or just want to make some extra cash, you should know about Midjourney. This platform isn’t like your typical office gig; it’s more of a marketplace where you can turn your skills into cold, hard cash. Whether you’re good with numbers or have a knack for designing, Midjourney is the place to be.

Midjourney is a powerful AI art generator that can create stunning and unique images with just a few words. it is already being used by artists, designers, and creators to produce all sorts of amazing work. If you are interested in using Midjourney to make money, there are a number of ways to do it.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program and service created and hosted by San Francisco-based independent research lab Midjourney, Inc. Midjourney generates images from natural language descriptions, called “prompts“, similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion.

Known for making really solid images, the kind you can’t just find anywhere, Midjourney offers a wide range of styles. To get started, you’ll need an account and you’ll have to join their Discord server. Once you’re in, type “/imagine” followed by your chosen prompt. Midjourney then goes to work and generates several image options for you. You can save the ones you like.

There’s a catch, though: the service is in open beta and requires a subscription. There are three different plans to choose from, each with its own monthly image generation limit.

If you’re interested in diving into the world of AI art, Midjourney is a strong contender. It’s still growing and has much more to offer in the future.

How to Create Images from Midjourney

How to Create Images from Midjourney

Creating images with Midjourney is a straightforward process that taps into the power of AI for generating art. Here’s how to do it

Account Setup

You need an account. You go to the Midjourney site and find the sign-up option. The account isn’t just for show; it’s your gateway to an array of artistic possibilities. After setting up, you get access to the dashboard.

This is the control room, the place where you manage all your image-making activities. But setting up an account isn’t just about access; it’s also a commitment to a community of like-minded creators. You’re not just using a tool; you’re becoming part of a bigger picture. It’s like joining a club, but for digital art.

Join Discord Server

After the account comes the Discord server. Now, why Discord? Because it’s where the action is. Discord is like the lab where you mix the ingredients to cook up something extraordinary. You join, and suddenly you’re part of a buzzing hive of creators.

But it’s not just about joining; it’s about participating. Share ideas, get feedback, and learn tips and tricks from others. The server is the stage where your prompt becomes art. It’s more than just a chat app; it’s the studio of the digital age.

Prompt Command

Now, the prompt. This is where your idea comes to life. Type “/imagine” in the chat, followed by what you want. This is the cornerstone; your idea is the blueprint, and Midjourney is the builder. When you put your prompt in, Midjourney’s wheels start turning. Algorithms go to work, taking the text and transforming it into pixels and colors.

Your role here is crucial; you’re the director of this art film. What you say goes, so make it count.

Image Generation

This is the moment where the magic happens. Your prompt is now being translated into a visual format. Midjourney doesn’t just spit out a single image; you get options. Think of it as a buffet of images where you can pick and choose what you like. It’s a digital art gallery built just for you, in seconds. The quality? Top-notch. Different styles? You got it. The result isn’t just an image; it’s a manifestation of your creativity, touched by AI brilliance.

Choose and Save

Last part, promise. Now you look at all these image options, and you pick. You’re the judge in this art contest. Choose the images that capture your vision the best. After that, save them. Download them to your device or share them with the world.

These images are now yours to use as you see fit, a testament to your creative journey with Midjourney.

How to Make Money with Midjourney

Sell Your Art as NFTs

You get it, NFTs are big in the digital art world. Midjourney can make art that you sell on places like OpenSea or Rarible. This digital art? It becomes your money-maker. To kick things off, you need a digital wallet and a marketplace account. You take your Midjourney art, make it an NFT, and put a price on it. Simple as that, your art turns into something people can buy and trade.

Create and Sell Online Courses

So you know how to use Midjourney, yeah? Share that know-how. Make an online course and put it up for sale. Websites like Udemy could be your stage. Break your course into parts: start easy, get tougher, end with the pro stuff.

Shoot videos, write some notes, and there you have it, your course. People will pay to learn what you know. Midjourney is hot right now, and you can be the go-to expert.

Publish Graphic Novels and Children’s Books

Don’t limit your art to the screen. Turn it into books like graphic novels or stuff for kids. Platforms like Amazon KDP get your art from the computer to the bookshelf.

The best part, you control the story. Your art becomes more than pixels; it’s a world you’ve made. Put it out there, get it in stores or keep it digital, your choice.

Sell Customized Art Prints

Custom is king. Make personalized art prints with Midjourney. Anything goes events, business stuff, you name it. Create, print, and you’re in business. Websites like Etsy can be your sales corner. You’re not just selling art; you’re selling something unique.

Custom prints are not just about you; they solve someone else’s problem.

Offer Freelance Services

Your skill with Midjourney? Turn it into a freelance gig. Everyone needs good design—companies, bands, people like you and me. You could make logos, album art, and web stuff. First, make a portfolio; it’s like your art CV.

Look for work on sites like Upwork. You set the rules, and the rate, and you pick the projects. You’re the boss; you make the art, and you get paid for it.


Midjourney is more than a fancy tool for making eye-catching art. You can turn those visuals into real cash. Digital art assets, or NFTs, could be your start. But you don’t have to stop there. If you’re the teaching type, why not create online courses to share your Midjourney wisdom? Custom prints for events and businesses can be another money avenue. Got a story to tell? You can spice up your own graphic novels or kids’ books with top-level images.

Freelance work is also on the table. Businesses and people are always looking for unique art and designs. Why not be the one to provide it? Midjourney lays down the platform, but you’ve got to make the play. It sets you up, but the next steps? All yours. So go ahead, take your shot at turning art into income.