Have you ever thought about how to make coding easier and more efficient in Visual Studio Code (VS Code)? Imagine having a helper that understands your code and gives smart suggestions.

That’s where ChatGPT extensions for VS Code come in. They are like smart friends for your coding journey. They help you write code, fix errors, and even explain complex stuff in simple ways.

VS Code is a popular tool for programmers. It’s like a toolbox where coders go to write and fix their code. But sometimes, coding can be tough. You might get stuck or not know how to do something. This is where ChatGPT extensions are super helpful.

They use AI to make coding less of a headache. These extensions can help you with different tasks like writing new code, understanding old code, and even learning new coding tricks.

What is VS Code?

VS Code, short for Visual Studio Code, is a powerful tool for coders. It’s like a special notebook where you write and test your code. But it’s more than just a notebook. It has lots of tools and features that help you write better code. It checks your code to see if there are any mistakes and even gives suggestions on how to make it better.

One of the best things about VS Code is that it’s flexible. You can add new features to it. These are called extensions. Extensions are like add-ons or plugins that give VS Code more powers. They can help you write code in different languages, make your code look pretty, or even turn VS Code into a smart coding assistant. That’s where ChatGPT extensions come in. They add AI powers to VS Code, making it an even smarter tool for coders.

ChatGPT – EasyCode

EasyCode’s ChatGPT extension is like a smart buddy for your coding. It supports ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4, which are like different versions of a smart brain. You can switch between these brains depending on what you need. This extension is easy to use. You don’t need to do anything fancy to start using it. If you have special features from GPT-4, you can add your key to make it even smarter.

This extension can answer your questions about code. You can ask about a small part of your code or even your whole code project. It’s flexible and doesn’t need you to sign up or log in. You can just start using it. It also has a follow-up option. This means if you didn’t get the answer you wanted the first time, you can ask again. It’s like having a conversation with your code. It also helps with writing code quickly, which is super helpful.

CodeGPT by Tim Kmecl

The CodeGPT extension by Tim Kmecl is all about giving you AI help with coding. It uses ChatGPT-3 models. These are a bit older than the ChatGPT-4 but still very smart. This extension makes it easy to get help. You can click to get answers or ask your own special questions. It has many different smart brains you can choose from. The default brain is text-davinci-003. If you have any problems, you might need to check this setting.

CodeGPT needs an OpenAI key, which you put in after you add this extension to VS Code. Be careful if you have limited free credits for OpenAI, as this extension might stop working if you run out. It’s great for looking at your code and getting help with tricky parts. It’s like having an expert who can look at your code and give advice.

Code GPT

Code GPT is like a super-inclusive AI service for coders. It supports not just ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4, but also other AI models. This means you have lots of choices. You can pick the brain that works best for your coding style. This extension is about making your coding work better and faster. You need to add your OpenAI key to use all its features.

It can take hints from your code comments and turn them into real code. This is super cool because it’s like the extension can read your mind. It helps you write code quickly and correctly. There’s a limit to how much it can do at once (800 tokens), but it’s still very helpful for making code.

ChatGPT Helper

ChatGPT Helper is a straightforward AI assistant for VS Code. It’s perfect if you want quick help without any fuss. It supports both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, so you can choose which one you like. You need an OpenAI key, which you set up after installing it.

This extension doesn’t chat, but you can use VS Code’s tools to ask it questions. It writes answers in separate files, so you can keep them for later. It’s great if you just need fast help with coding problems.

ChatGPT by Genie AI

Genie AI’s ChatGPT extension is like a fancy version with a nice look and user-friendly features. It supports different versions of GPT, including GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4. Like others, it needs an OpenAI key. You can choose how precise or creative you want your answers. This is great for different coding needs.

This extension lets you chat with ChatGPT to get more specific help. It also writes the code directly into your files, which saves time. You can keep your talks with it for later use, which is handy if you need to go back to something you did before.


These five ChatGPT extensions for VS Code are game-changers for coders. They make coding easier, faster, and more fun. You have a smart assistant right in your coding tool. These extensions can help with all sorts of tasks, from writing new code to understanding old code and even learning new things.

Using these ChatGPT extensions can take your coding to the next level. They’re like having a coding expert who’s always there to help. So, if you’re ready to make your coding life easier and more fun, give these extensions a try. Happy coding!